Friday, June 12, 2015

Gaming Malaise

Twice in the past week I've gone to buy a wargaming product....and then stopped myself.

The first was a team for Guildball - the medieval football game. This looks really fun, the background looks cool and the models are excellent. However right before the last click I stopped myself.

The second was the new Zombicide Kickstarter - Black Plague. Again a nice looking game with some interesting models. One click away from committing and.....stop.


I'm not actually sure. Perhaps I'm getting disciplined in my old age. A couple of weeks ago I flicked off my Deadzone terrain because I knew I was never going to paint it. I also sold off a lot of stuff at Hagen's recent Maelstrom event....terrain, models etc. The impetus was cleaning up the garage and seeing how much shite I had there that was largely unused.

But I think it is more than that. The hiatus that Warhammer has in is also having an effect. Certainly the uncertainty has curbed some of my enthusiasm.....perhaps GW has inadvertently cured my magpie tendencies.


  1. =/ these things are cyclic, and for me at least, the dust hasn't finished rising, let alone looking like settling.

  2. Its the same with me and recently i have been spending more time video gaming than wargaming

  3. Went thru that myself for a few years recently... instead busying myself with work and online gaming.

    Found my hobby mojo again only to run into the blank emptiness that has been left by the End Times.

    Ironically perhaps whilst I always previously considered myself a "Wargame Player"... GW has turned me into more of a "Collector" - which is the primary market I believe they purport to cater to. But it is of non-GW models. Hence supporting the recent Kickstarter from Raging Heroes, and looking forward to tbe one from Atlantis due to start on July 1.

    Those Zombicide models do look very cool dont they Pete? Have managed to resist thus far though.