Friday, June 5, 2015

The Amazing Disappearing WHFB.....Or Is It?

Yesterday Raffazza put on his blog (see my blogroll for link) this little snippet of information. As of June 6th the following will be removed from the shelves of GW Hobby Centres:
  • Island of Blood
  • Warhammer Rulebook
  • All WFB Army Books
  • All WFB End Times Books
  • All WFB Campaign Books/Boxes
  • All magic cards
  • Movement trays
  • Templates
  • Deathknell watch
Subsequent discussions with people that are most intimately affected, indicate that this is indeed the case.

So tomorrow all this content disappears from the shelves.

I've been ruminating on this for the past 24 hours and it obviously throws up a few things.

First up, if you need anything.....grab it now.

Secondly, this would clearly indicate that we have more than an update in store for us.

That they are taking more than just the current starter set and rulebook is interesting. Effectively all source material and gaming aids are being removed. I'm surprised that all Army Books, Campaign Books (think Sigmar's Blood, Triumph & Treachery etc) and especially the End Times Books are being removed. The last of these have had a very short shelf life.

However I think the critical thing here is "removed". They are not being returned to the warehouse as far as I am aware. They are being taken off public display. The big question is whether this is "permanently" or "for now"?

The waters got murkier again.


  1. I saw this yesterday as well. It was quite a surprise.
    Presumably we get a "Ravening Hordes" reset again or one person commented that maybe we get one comprehensive army book.
    Magic looks like it gets revamped again.
    Movement trays fits in with previous rumours re basing.
    No templates! Those have been around for years unchanged.
    And why drop another piece of terrain? It doesn't leave much being sold in that line.
    It does look like this is a big change coming.
    I'm still busy painting up my spiders for Panzershrek - I hope they get to see more than one weekends outing!

  2. Removal of the templates and the terrain piece have me confused. Not sure what they would replace them with, or if they are not to be replaced what game mechanic would supplant for flame breathes/stone throwers etc.

    Removal of all the army books and such raises questions on the whole 'old armies will still be playable and nothing getting squatted' idea.

    If they are off the shelves but still available where will they be stored? Not exactly a lot of room behind most GW stores I've been into. Maybe some sort of direct only?

    Really still chasing shadows until something concrete is revealed. Guess I'll go back to fixing model breakages that have occurred through various house moves until we find out more.

  3. The templates being removed are only the gold 'rocket hammer' templates that were released with 8th ed. Fully expect the templates to be rebranded.

    As for the modular movement trays; possible that they are due for a refresh; how old are they now?

  4. Firestorm Games in Wales have these items on sale for 50% off.