Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Chadaguay - The Background


Currently the archipelago is home to four races – Lizardmen, Vampire Counts, Dark Elves and Skaven. There is potential for other races to be added as/if the map grows. However initial narrative will be driven by the events around these combatants.

Here are the initial backgrounds for the races:

Lizardmen – happily ensconced in the west of the map defending the edge of a largely unexplored (by other races) jungle. The Lizards are dedicated to the long game and see the “politics” of the warm-blooded races as relatively unimportant. They are, however, fending off frequent incursions by the Skaven to the south of them.

Vampire Counts – situated in the northwest of the map towards the mountains. The main part of the archipelago has been their domain for the past four centuries. They have been aware of the Lizardmen jungle empire but have never sought conflict with them, happy to “farm” the warm-bloods. The citadel of the Vampire Counts houses Blood Dragons and they have ascendency at the moment in the myriad of politics afflicting the Undead.

Dark Elves – there are two groups of Dark Elves at play in Chadaguay:

  1. The Colonists – this grouping is situated in the central/south east. These Druchii arrived a century ago, tasked with establishing a colony dedicated to the slave trade. Led by a bitter and twisted (is there any other kind of Dark Elf) second son who sees this as an opportunity to forge his own destiny away from the politics/control of Naggaroth. The colony has thrived but in the last decade the supply of slaves and tribute to the Druchii homeland has dried up.
  2. The Enforcers – sent by the Naggarothi overlords with a note saying “please explain”. This force has landed at the port in the south and once their base is established they will be seeking an explanation from their dark kin. The question here is whether those explanations will be satisfactory or whether a very “uncivil” war will ensue.

Skaven – destroy, destroy, destroy. There is nothing subtle about the verminkind motivation. They are there to overrun cities and shit on everyone’s party. They can’t build cities so their only hope of empire is to occupy.

So the background is set and it is up to each of the protagonists to play their race against that background. The hope is that they will see it as an opportunity to expand their armies and to use units/make ups not usually seen on the table.

The driver with the campaign is very much narrative.

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