Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ogre Kingdoms, sorry Khans Ride Again

On Saturday I had my first game of Ninth Age against McCrae. I hadn't played 8th much in the past year focusing on KoW once AoS dropped.

Spoilt by KoW I wasn't going to be happy removing models and so I got the Ogres out. I decided to run a few of the big monsters to see how they'd go.

Here's a few pics of my deployment:

And looking into the eyes of the Dwarf throng!

Nice to get the big boys out for a run. I'm keen to give them another try once I've read the army book.



  1. Replies
    1. Ok...I haven't read the rules or army books and only haven't really played any 8th for over a year.

      Enough there for me to be interested enough to read the rules which are released 30 April

  2. Did you incorporate End Times rules, or did you stop short of the End Times force composition?

  3. Its a completely new ruleset Herman.
    There are no options available to add extra rules or armies.
    Basically its like 8th used to be before the end of the world with completely new army books for each army which seem to be balanced internally so you have lots of choices but nothing stands out as an obvious inclusion.
    There are some slight differences to the rules so you have to treat it like a new edition and don't assume anything.
    The rules and army books are presented very well and so far I have not found any ambiguities.

  4. I like the look of taking 3 treemen 6 tree kin 30 dryads and it's not garbage

  5. Yep it is cool taking underutilized units in 8th. I have been loving my miners and slayers as well as treemen, dryads and forest rangers.

    1. I saw a beast men player on you tube with 2 giants a janberslith and a 4th monster filling his rair points up looked quite epic

    2. What McCrae means is "I love taking my Throne King so all my units get free Swiftstride and free D3+1 Hatred"

    3. You telling me dwarfs move now in t9a. Get back in your corner.