Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thou Shall Not Speak Ill......

One of the things that has been very evident in the last 24 hours has been the evidence of just how duplicitous the wargaming "press" is.

Visit any news site/forum and I expect podcast and you'll now hear how wonderful GW are in addressing the issue of points/listening to the community etc. You'll see comments like "Every FLGS xxxx reached out to over the past nine months said Age of Sigmar was in trouble and not selling" or words to that effect.

Yet wind back a week and these very same "media" never mentioned this supposed trouble. If there was any negativity it was minor.

You can't help feeling that rather than objective, a lot of "media" are totally reliant on good press to get both information and reward.


  1. It's the way of the Internet, giving voice to some uninformed opinion and then trying to justify it buy using the actions of a multinational after the fact.

    My store owner says this, so everyone is in exactly the same boat, is not a trend. The plural of anecdotes is not Data.

    FWIW, the models were selling; but counts as for other systems, people completing fantasy armies or for AoS itself, does it matter? Selling well was anyone's guess though.

    For people who think the financials will have all the data pinning the blame on AoS however obviously have no idea that the commentary on financial reports are just spin.