Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

As you can see from the previous posts it was quite busy on the hobby front over the weekend.

I managed to print off ten trees and they will form the basis of a new forest. The next printing project will likely be one of the other Winterdale buildings, likely the outpost.

The Stone Mill was mounted on its river section and hopefully will see tabletime in the next few weeks. Coupled with the TTW Stone Bridge I now have some incentive to use a waterway in games from here. I also grassed the TTW Merchant's Townhouse and that is near ready for the tabletop.

Figure-wise, I painted the first four figures from the Mordheim "Frenzied Mob". These were the Stonemason, boy with catapult, man with fish on his head and the Living Scarecrow. The next four are now ready to be started and I'm looking to get them going this evening. I do enjoy painting these unique figures and have found that four at a time keeps me interested and ensures that they each get the necessary love.

Via our local eBay equivalent, Trade Me, I managed to pick up a few interesting figures yesterday. These included a mint Empire War Wagon, a Mordheim Sigmarite Priest, Johann the Witchhunter and a Warhammer Roleplay Warrior Priest. All were bare unpainted metal. I will be looking to paint the War Wagon up in Averland colours to match the rest of my Empire army.

Noted the other day that because of real life I hadn't played a game for over 2.5 months. Starting this Thursday, I am hosting a regular gaming night at my place for a group of local Kings of War players. Gaming room and garage allow three tables to be set up so hopefully this can develop into a long term success.

Finally, Lynne is away over the upcoming Anzac Weekend and so a group of us are going to try out "The Ninth Age" rules over the weekend. I've keyed up two days of gaming at my place. This should let us get a feel for the rules and decide if it is something we want to play.

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  1. Good to see your giving 9th age a shake Pete it's the game I would like to see get the critical mass behind it in New Zealand