Thursday, April 14, 2016

Games Workshop's Share Price

I keep an eye on the share price of Games Workshop and it is currently poised at a various interesting level.

It has been trending down since the start of the year and is currently at four year lows. Thr latest decline was initiated by the negative trading report for December released by the company in early January. The stock is reasonably tightly held but the share price is down almost GBP1.50 since its December/January high. That is approximately 25%. Last night it dropped 15p to close at 464p.

This is against a backdrop of rapid releases by Games Workshop. We've had Calth in late 2015, the Deathwatch game, the new "Start Collecting" box sets plus continued releases for their benchmark game, Age of Sigmar. This month they have the 30th Anniversary of the Space Marine with the hoopla that involves.

What is interesting is that despite all this, the share price is consistently declining. Somebody is not drinking the GW Kool-Aid and bringing supply to the market. If we do see the price dip below its current level then technical traders may get interested in selling the stock.

All eyes will definitely be on the report to the end of May. GW needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat to arrest its recent decline.



  1. Do we know what happened in Jan 14 because it looks like the share price dropped 2 pounds overnight and has since then traded at about 523 for the last two years. I agree it will be interesting to see what the half year report brings as some of the new initiatives will have had some time in the market.

    Interestingly Privateer Press is releasing a 3rd edition of the game in a couple of months and the drivers seem to be to focus the game about the jacks and warbeasts rather than the currently fashionable hordes of infantry. new players will need to buy more models to get started. Player reaction to the rumours has been hysterical with all sorts of doom laden prophesies due to the introduction of pre measuring.

    1. Privater Press is not publicly traded correct?

    2. Also January '14 was related to a HY 3.4m GBP profit drop announcement.

  2. The WMH players I've been talking to seem pretty excited about getting a new edition and things changing up. 6 years for an edition does lead to some stagnation at the end.