Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hobby Tip - Painting Corks

While it is hardly evolutionary - and certainly not revolutionary - here's a tip I've put in place recently.

When I painted 15mm historicals I used to blu-tack the figures on the end of wooden clothes pegs to paint. This allowed me to get access to all parts of the model, made sure I didn't touch wet paint or otherwise mar the paint job and gave me a handle to hold onto. Strangely I gave it away when I started painting 28mm figures. I think this was due to their bigger plastic bases.

Recently I purchased 20 wine corks off Trademe and have started to use them to mount figures when painting. These have advantages over pegs as they are squat and so stand alone (don't need a rack), are lighter and are big enough to hold 28mm figs.

I've found that it makes painting much easier.



  1. did the corks come with a free bottle of wine attached?

  2. This post has nothing to do with painting corks. Colour me dissapointed.