Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekend Update

So apart from emerging from under the yoke of Civ III early Saturday morning, most of my weekend has been covered in previous posts.

But one thing I did do was spend some free time that I found fixing all the breakages in my Ogre Kingdoms Khans army. Most of these were breaks to weapons and pinning feet to resin bases. As well as that I managed to fix some broken terrain pieces.

Last evening I downloaded some more Winterdale files and have GCODE'd the Outpost and the Chapel. My tavern is now undercoated and I'll start work on that this week.

I've downloaded a few of the Ninth Age Army Books to get a feel for their rules - Khans, Swarm, Empire and Daemons.


  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thunderchrome/thunder-chrome-3d-printable-post-apocalyptic-scene

    Seen that? Not sure if you're that keen on 40k-ish scenery but if you are, you've already got the printer.

    1. Thanks Alix hadn't seen that. I'll keep an eye on it.