Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Hobby Update

Managed to get through some hobby on the weekend.

As posted earlier I constructed my hobby drill Saturday morning and have already used it three-four times this weekend. Good buy, worth it if you see one.

On Saturday afternoon I got in my first game in three months. The Ratkin took the table versus Robert Higgins' Dwarfs down at Warlords. We rolled up Kill & Pillage and I was able to cede the objectives 2-3 but kill enough for a solid victory. My Rat Daemon cleaned out a Troop of Brock Riders and a Regiment of the same tried to withdraw from the flank. "What is good in Life?" A Rat Daemon catching Badger Cavalry in the rear with 39 attacks. My Weapons Teams managed to remove some of the De 6+ wall sitting at 10" and blasting away.

All in all good fun and it was enjoyable getting the Ratkin out again.

Yesterday I primed some figures and finished priming some terrain. This left enough time to make progress on the 5-6 figures I'm currently painting (Frenzied Mob and hangers on) last evening.

This week I'll be looking to finish this batch as well as start on the Winterdale Tavern which is now fully primed.

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