Monday, April 4, 2016

River Mill - Painted 3D Printed Model

Over the weekend I finished painting the River Mill I recently printed on my 3D printer.

I'm happy with the finished product - of course detail isn't as crisp as high detail resin - and I'll be looking to paint up the tavern shortly.

I will be basing the model later this week using one of the Battlefront river sections so that I can use it in my next set of games.

Check back for pictures later in the week.

My next printing projects will be trees and walls.



  1. You'll need to populate those buildings-

    Looking really good so far. I guess a base/river is to follow?

    1. I found an unopened box of Mordheim "Frenzied Mob" last night

    2. I guess your village is the bad part of town!