Sunday, March 27, 2016

Next 3D Model - Winterdale Tavern

On Friday I printed my next 3D model, the Winterdale Tavern. This is an 11 piece model and I think one of the nicest in their range.

I've glued it together bar attaching the front (where the water troughs are). I'll attach this later as due to the U-shaped design painting would be a bitch if glued now.

The architecture fits in with the TTW pieces I have so I'll be keen to see how well it complements them when I paint it up.
I like the quirky character of this model - and the attention to detail that Printable Scenery have given it.

The piece on the front right hasn't been glued on yet to facilitate painting.

I've started painting the River Mill now and then I will give this a go.



  1. Geez these look awesome. Can't wait to see them painted. How 'robust' are they for general handling?

  2. Very nice! How long did the print take?

  3. Cost wise are they worth it? As they do look very nice.

  4. I bought the full Winterdale 1 package and Winterdale 2 Stretch Goals. All up USD $78.

    Gives me files for about 25 different buildings and other terrain. So yeah well worth it.

    I've worked out a few quirks using printer and think I can get really good prints going forward.

    Remember the Mill and Tavern were effectively my first ever prints. That's how easy it is.

  5. Did you ever get this tavern painted?