Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First Winterdale Terrain Piece - River Mill

Over the past few evenings I have been using my 3D printer to print the fourteen files needed to create the first terrain piece I attempted from the Winterdale Kickstrarter.

This is their River Mill and I decided on it for a couple of reasons. It is interesting; it is of a sufficient size to test the printer and its capabilities; and I don't have any terrain feature like it.

That is the complete model on Printable Scenery's website and here are the complete set of pieces that I have printed.

I know have to do some cleaning up prior to construction and then painting. Hopefully I'll have completely built model up tonight.

The Great Sword walking through gives an idea of the scale. It is a big building.



  1. That's awesome!That's exactly how I imagine 3-d printing does scenery- like it, print it, chuck it on the table.

    Any idea how much an individual building costs to print?

    You'd think gamers, geeks that we are, could manage some sort of online resource of opensource files for printers and laser cutters.

  2. Nice work! Will be great to see this cleaned up and painted.

    Looks like you may have some pillowing happening. You may need to increase your top layer thickness. This is for Ultimaker but you may still find the information useful. I did:

    Also, if you ever get into making changes yourself I found this resource useful:

    As to cost, I know that in the Ultimaker Cura software you can enter the cost of a PLA spool (~120 meters per 1Kg) and then it will show you the cost of each print. It is quite surprising how cheap it is.