Friday, March 11, 2016

My Latest Toy - A 3-D Printer

Just before the holiday break I backed a Kickstarter by local company Printable Scenery that creates files for medieval Wargaming terrain pieces. These files have been delivered and a new funding project is being run through Indiegogo for additional files (which I've also backed).

Initially, I was going to get my stuff printed but that is not really efficient or economic. Therefore I have bitten the bullet and purchased a 3D printer of my own.

I sought advice from Matt and he directed me towards the Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2. After reading a few websites and watching a few YouTube videos, I went to the NZ distributor, 3Design, and ordered a unit.

Initially I had been looking at the da Vinci Printer but it was pointed out that it required proprietary consumables and produced lower quality prints - so I shelved that idea.

The new toy should arrive in the next few days and hopefully by next weekend I'll have it up and running.



  1. I think you'll be a lot of people's new best friend with that little beast.


    That is all...

  3. $788AUd seems pretty reasonable.