Saturday, March 12, 2016

Terrain - Tabletop World Blacksmith

I've had the Tabletop World OOP blacksmith sitting on my painting table so decided to base it ready for gaming.

I wanted to make a diorama base for it and so have added some extra bits to provide some context.

As well as the Blacksmith I've added an outbuilding with hearth in it, as well as workman's bench, anvil and cabinets.
The whole enclosure is walled and a copse of trees added.
Around the back are some flower beds with a path leading to the front.
At the front gate is a kennel for the blacksmith's guard cat.
Some close ups show the work area with tools and hearth.
The stairs up to the house with more flower beds and water barrel.

Sorry the photos are a bit overexposed but you get the gist.



  1. Another great piece for the terrain collection. Love all the extra context bits. Not sure about the guard cat though??


    There's a bunch of others around but this is the most 'fantasy' of them.