Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My First (and Likely Only) Finecast Model

I'm definitely late to the party. When was Finecast released? 2010? 2011? I never had one of the cool armies where I got to have Finecast models. Wait a minute, that might not be true....I think Bragg the Slaughter and Goldfag may both have been resin Ogres.

But if I'm lying, it's only a small one. This is definitely my first and only 40k Finecast model. The Chaos Warpsmith...fresh from its 13 day trip across the Tasman. And looking to lead the fine crew from Olympia.

Enough of the preamble onto the exciting stuff. I got to get out all those cool Citadel tools including the brush and the mould line remover.

There is an awful lot of sprue to remove and far more cleaning up than either metal or plastic. It is however very easy to drill and I was able to pin all the tendrils to the body.

And here he is in all his glory.....waiting for his spray primer.



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