Thursday, March 3, 2016

KOW Update - Elves Finished

I've managed to finish painting and basing the models I needed to get my Elves "KoW-Ready". If you remember these are High Elves that I purchased years ago from Phil Comins. I needed to get a few extra models done as well as paint a Drakon Rider Hero painted from scratch.

They are now all done and I have 2000 points fully painted, based and ready to take the table in anger...well as much in anger as PEGs can get. I'm guessing it is more a fit of pique.

I also hope to get 2000 points of Orcs based this weekend along with the same number of points in Ogres. I'm not sure what holes there are in my lists but will probably need to paint the Fleabags I bought recently. When done I'll have four painted and based armies of 2000 points ready to go at a moment's notice. I'm keen to continue converting others as required.

Let the Elf Angst begin! A race empowered to see a slight in a tight smile.



  1. Awesome looking army. Always good to see a nice balanced list as well

    1. Any list with drakon riders is broken by definition.