Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mantic's New Wights

Mantic are releasing new models for their Wights.

These are Large Infantry so are made for 40mm bases.

The models look quite nice, I think. They are suitably varied and I think the paint job they've been given captures their essence well. I particularly like the one on the right, rampaging with his scythe.

Here's another angle of them. Certainly can see them turning up in a few local Undead armies.



  1. They look much better than their old wight models. Keen to add some of these guys to my -warhammer undead army, either that or put 2 hex wraiths per base?.

  2. They are pretty good - wish they showed them beside an infantry model for scale. Today I decided to buy Warmachine Bane Thralls to use as Wights.

  3. I think the models look nice but it will depend on how the parts fit together and the quality of the plastic.