Friday, April 29, 2016

More Mats

Last evening I received a parcel from FedEx containing the latest mats I had purchased from in the Czech Republic.

First point, delivery. Six days from Prague tracked the whole way. The six days included one day spent sitting at the FedEx depot in Rongatai (Wellington), 20 minutes away. Sigh. I guess FedEx are just too efficient.

Second, the mats. They are great. I purchased one late last year and was so impressed that this time I got two.

The first one is Sands of Time. Egyptian themed with a sunken road running through it. It should prove excellent for my Egyptian desert terrain. Above is the website photo that gives a great indication of actual colour. The photos I took had the colour a little washed out as I was taking them just before dusk.

As noted they are 6' X 4' and printed on a sheet with rubberised backing - think mousemat.

The detail is exceptional. You have photo quality with great resolution. The above photos give an idea with collapsed columns, exposed paving and dried stream beds.

I think have done a wonderful job to capture the field of a decaying desert culture.

The second purchase was the Highland Meadow.

Again I have grabbed the website photo that gives a better colour indication tham my photos. However the detail on the mat has been captured and gives you an idea of the surface.

The mats come in carry bags to protect them between games.

They have double zips on them and multiple handles.

These game mats are two of the best I have seen on the market. The surface deal is fantastic. Their website is well constructed and easy to navigate. For those of us outside the EU they remove VAT (sales tax). You can check it out at

Any for you 40k fans they are currently selling a limited edition Mars Forgeworld mat, ideal for Skittari or Adeptus Mechanicus.



  1. Yours look as washed out as mine. Personally I've seen a lot of quality variation between the ones they give to Youtubers like SS82 to promote and the ones I've seen common joes review. (Who paid for theirs).
    Mine was disappointing. The snow is grey not white.

    1. My experience is very different. My photos are clearly washed out as anyone who has played on the two mats will confirm.

      Don't have the snow mat though