Monday, April 25, 2016

Wargaming Weekend

With my wife away for the weekend, I took the opportunity to have a few gamers around for a Wargaming weekend.

Sam came down from Otaki for Saturday, McCrae from Palmy, Neil from Masterton and Peter from the wilds of Lower Hutt.

On Saturday we had a day of The Ninth Age, trying out the last beta of the rules. Other than McCrae, none of us had played it before (well I played an early beta game) so we were keen to see what it looked like. Over the day five games were played with the general view being that it was essentially 8th Ed with a more internal balance evident in the army books.

Sam disappeared around 5pm....I expect so he could watch the NQ Cowboys in peace while the rest of us headed out to Tawa for a Chinese meal. We found the appropriately named "Yum Yum House" where we demolished one of their set banquets.

Back home, McCrae was keen for us to try the game he'd brought "Eldritch Horror". We started playing and I can honestly say my sole contribution to the game was to be continually "Delayed".

We proved to be singularly unsuccessful and eventually the game beat us.

On Sunday morning Neil, McCrae and I set up Neil's "Republic of Rome". Fancying ourselves as the new Sulla, Ceasar, Marius etc, the game involves building up your Senate faction. Just as McCrae was approaching a victory - though Neil and I had lined up waiting assassins - the unrest escalated and the mob stormed the Senate killing us all.

I think the upshot from our board game experience was that we need to be far more collaborative rather than Neil and McCrae scheming behind my back.

The guys disappeared about 2:30pm giving me the chance to do a quick tidy up before picking Lynne up from the airport.

Great weekend. Thanks to the guys for coming down.



  1. My condolences for your loss at being a Roman Statesman Pete.
    You need a new speech writer.
    We all know it was my fault sitting in a corner waiting for some crumbs to be thrown my way that caused the demise of Rome.
    Good game - we should play it again soon.

    1. My speeches were fine. It's just that the peasants are revolting!

    2. Also McCrae was awfully unpopular