Monday, April 24, 2017

KOW - Three Billy Goats Gruff

I have finally finished my Herd army and I thought I'd post photos of it. A lot of the models are Mierce Miniatures that I have purchased through Kickstarter or their regular promotions. There are some old metal GW models in it - ungors and pestigors - as well as Mantic, Malifaux and GW plastics (fenrisian wolves and Thunderwolves).

About 75% of it was painted by a local painter Sam Whitt - who does commission work btw - with the rest by myself. I also some small "enhancements" to Sam's work - mostly rust effects or an added highlight. All the basing is mine. This was my first KOW army and I wanted to really explore the scope for multibasing.

Little Billy Goat in Front of Tribal Longhorn Regiment

Two Beast Packs with Lycan Horde and Chimera Behind

Mierce Lycan Horde with Chimera BFF

Stampede with Mix of Mierce and Malifaux Models

Middle Billy Goat in Front of Spiritwalkers

Centaur Chief and Centaurs

Lycan Horde using GW Thunderwolves

Second Stampede following Formula of the First

The Avatar of the Father

Mierce Guardian Brutes

Mierce Brutox #1

Big Billy Goat Gruff - Brutox #2

Second Guardian Brute Horde

Giant Eagles - GW and Mierce

My Mantichimera (Mane to be Darkened)

Spiritwalker Horde

Tribal Longhorn Regiment

The Whole Migration

I'm really happy with how the army turned out. There is probably 3500 points all in all. I'm going to call it done for now but may revisit it later with a view to adding a Horde of Tribal Chariots.

Next for me is basing Goblins.



  1. This whole army really came together Beautifully and is a study in how to be successful through a solid color scheme, great painting execution, and the benefits a textured mulitbase can add to an army's appearance. Cheers for sharinh!

  2. Pete
    The whole army looks gorgeous!!! Nice work.
    Nga mihi

  3. Lovely - the avatar of the father fits really well as a centrepiece. What would you use the giant eagles to represent out of interest? Air elementals regiment?

    1. The Herd has Giant Eagle unit

    2. Doh just noticed that unit entry! Have you used em before? With pathfinder they look like a decent cut price drakon rider unit

    3. Yep, I've used them but not too successfully. I find them a bit expensive for chaff and not had hitting enough for a fighting unit. Generally I feel I am better served buying two Mv 10 Nimble Beast Packs for 10 points more in my normal set up