Friday, April 7, 2017

KOW - Sparkstone

One of the new Magical Artefacts introduced in the Clash of Kings 2017 rules is the Sparkstone.

Sparkstone [10 Points] - This unit has a Ranged Attack with a range of 18" that may only target enemy Heroes, Monsters and War Engines. Roll a single dice to hit, needing 4+ to hit regardless of modifiers. If a hit is scored, the target unit is disordered during its next turn.

"Great, we've got the Sparkstone. Now if someone could just invent Tinder.

Again this is one of those items that screams "SITUATIONAL". Yes there will be times that this could be very useful but it is important to look at the cost of use.

First of all it is the unit or individual's one magic item. Would you want to fill that slot with this item over another? Personally I think items like Healing Brew or Dwarven Ale have better utility at the same or lesser cost for units or Amulet of the Fireheart for an Individual. For a few points more you can get Brutal or Fury.

Second, for it to be used then your target may not be charged that Turn or it won't be a legitimate target. Even the unit except that with the lowest combat stats is likely to inflict one wound on an enemy which achieves the same Disordered result. I'd say non-Individuals will likely achieve this in 95%+ of cases especially with triple attacks against Individuals and War Engines.

I'm sure that there will be cases where situationally it has proved useful but I don't see it becoming a staple in all-comer tournament lists. There are other items that offer wider utility - in that they will always be used - with a higher expected payoff.

Nice item, but I'd save it for narrative games.


  1. One thing - you never triple (or double) your attacks against individuals.

    1. Just re-read it. Fingers going too fast before a conference call. Of course you're right, I'll edit it.

  2. I think it is definitely an item for a standard bearer. As some one said maybe on the mantic forum, it's real value is in influencing opponent decision making it creates a 36" bubble where an enemy flyer had a 50% of being grounded. This could open that dragon up to flank charges or prevent it charging overtop of a friendly unit.