Monday, April 24, 2017

KOW - Some Sunday Gaming

A group of five of us got together at my place yesterday for some games of KOW.

I set up two themed tables - one in the wintry North while the second was the sun-baked Desert of the South.

The Frozen North

The Sun-blasted South

We used the Epicdwarf Map Pack so both tables had two each of wood, hill, obstacle, impassable building and Height (0) difficult ground.

There were two Varangur armies and one each of the Elves, Herd and Forces of the Abyss. Managed it so that everyone got two games in.

The day provided the opportunity for us to continue to play the new scenarios and we tried out "Push", "Ransack" and "Scour".

I managed to snap a few pictures through the day.

Herd Advancing on the Varangur

Herd Heavy Hitters Shatter the Varangur Centre

Abyss (Lliam) and Varangur (Neil) Fight for the North

Every Unit in the Varangur had Nimble Making It Very Mobile

I learned a few lessons over the course of the day. The first was just how resilient the Varangur Heroes are with their De 5 and higher Nerve. My Chimera hit one in the flank, expecting to roll through it onto another an inch away but no luck. The crafty Magos took the hit and then bunked out. Similarly a Lycan Horde could only Waver a second Magos on the same turn.

The game also saw an incredible run of Snake Eyes. In each of FOUR occasions where anything but double ones would break a unit, that is exactly what we got. It was the first time I've rolled Snake Eyes when it mattered three times in a game. By the third time resources were starting to get stretched.

Fun way to spend Sunday morning and early afternoon. Thanks to the guys for coming round.


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