Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dancing in the Streets

And there was much rejoicing......

Overnight Games Workshop made the announcement that Warhammer 40k was going to a new edition. More importantly they provided some detail as to what can be expected.

Effectively, 40k will receive the Age of Sigmar treatment. As GW used to say "This is Great News".

After five editions in the current format, the level of bloat set new levels on the corpulence scale. Earlier this year I tried playing the game but the amount of extraneous detail included in the ruleset slowed the game to a crawl. The need for, even experienced players, to have to check the rules and codexes pretty much every turn suggests a ruleset struggling under the weight of bolt-on after bolt-on.

So what have GW said?

  • Three ways to play - sound familiar?
  • Free rules
  • All models including FW can be used
  • Codexes invalidated - watch the rush to eBay
  • Points values included
  • Three Factions - Imperium, Chaos, Xenos

This pretty much suggest Warscrolls under another name - I'm guessing Datasheets.


We are like so see other AoS mechanisms. I'm guessing that Armour will go and vehicles will get wounds. Also expect that we'll see the simplified to hit to wound rules but with weapon modifiers.


I'm very happy about this announcement as due to the bloat the game was slow and plagued by situations where there are unintended consequences. The ability to layer rules from different books written over a period of up to 10 years was silly.


A cleaner Rules skeleton with a reset of unit rules will make the game both more attractive and more accessible.



  1. Me and phil Commins called interchangeable rules with aos a while ago ultramarines and sigmar marines on the same side

  2. The Sky is Falling The Sky is Falling Run for your lives the Rage Quit is on its way

  3. What does the "sound familiar" mean? I haven't played AoS so have no knowledge of their modes

  4. All sounds great really. I tried to get into HH but the number of books etc put me right off. If it's like AoS I'll probably give it a crack.

    I am not sure how i feel about lumping all the Xenos together? Guess we will wait and see what that means.