Saturday, April 15, 2017

KOW - Individuals, Line of Sight and Cover

I thought I'd run an occasional series of rules that are easy to miss in the KOW ruleset.

The first of these concerns Individuals, Line of Sight and Cover.

The actual rule - conveniently under "Individuals" - states:

“Individuals never block line of sight or offer cover against ranged attacks.”

Unfortunately Apu's Brave Act Was To No Avail!

I find that in a lot of games that people are not aware of this rule or they play it wrong. My guess is that while an Individual is effectively "invisible" for LOS or Ranged Attacks, it is "material" for movement, charge path etc.

You commonly see people spending a lot of their time positioning Individuals so they are not intervening between a unit (often another Individual) and its target for a Ranged Attack. Under the rules this is not necessary.


  1. Apu, anonimous and useless hero ^_^

  2. Actually, in that episode, Apu did interfere with the shooting attack. So maybe someone in the RC should contact the producers of the series and let them know they played the rule wrong :P

    1. Ha ha!

      Or perhaps Apu is not an Individual after all?

    2. Im totally sure that Apu is a troop, composed by the eight-twins, Manjula and Apu itself.

  3. Aactually, I also have overlooked this rule. Thanks for making me aware of it :)