Tuesday, April 18, 2017

KOW - RUNEFANG IX - Kings of War Event - 3/4 June, Wellington, NZ

With Nicon not including a DBMM event, the Hutt Wargaming Club have organised their own event on Queens Birthday Weekend (3rd and 4th of June). As Nicon is also not including Kings of War, I have been offered space to organise an event.


However this will be different from your usual two day tournament. I appreciate that it might be difficult to get both days "off" to attend a wargaming event on a holiday weekend so I am organising separate events on each day events. 

On the Saturday will be Runefang "KINGS" which will be a four round 2000 point tournament using the 2017 Clash of Kings rules. The Sunday will be a complete change of gear where we'll have "WAR", a large multiplayer event, pitting the forces of Good versus Evil.

Cost is $25 and that covers both days. However you can attend either or both as you choose.

I have attached the Players Pack here

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