Monday, April 3, 2017

KOW - The Work In Progress Hump

Over the weekend I was painting up my second Lycan Horde now that the models had arrive from Mierce. I started off laying down some colours with my airbrush thinking that I'd be able to get some nice gradients on the fur. After about half an hour I looked at my results and thought "That looks crap". I was ready to re-prime and start again but realised that I had just hit the WIP Hump.

I am absolutely convinced that there is a point in the painting of most models where your output looks "disappointing" and not how you envisaged that it will turn out.

An Early WIP Shot of Da Vinci's 1503 Crystal Brush Entry

However, I am equally convinced that this is just a "hump" you need to get over. It usually occurs around the base colour, first highlight stage and you feel like giving up. You then apply a wash or a light drybrush or maybe a second/third highlight and suddenly the figure "pops". It's at this stage, I find anyway, that it goes from being a model to part of your army.

The Same Model After Leonardo Gave It A Wash Of Devlan Mud

If you run into this "hump" - and I don't believe I can be the only one who experiences it - I find that focusing on the face or shield will give you the kickstart to progress with the model. Suddenly it gets some personality and you have the drive to finish it.

Do others hit this "hump"?


  1. I'm very guilty of this. Model looks great in bare plastic/metal, undercoat all fine, then I apply base coats by brush and it looks like something a 4 year old put out that only a parent would praise. It is a big risk at this stage to hide the model away and never come back.

  2. We call it the Arse point. the point at which a model that looks like arse finally starts to look finished/well painted etc.

  3. Yeah many years ago I saw Jason Richards (who seemed to eventually retire from the hobby) describe this as the "ass point". It stuck with me ever since!

  4. Absolutely, every day is Hump Day. It's why I usually try to paint the skin and face of my orcs/goblins first - because even tho they look like crap midway, that part is so familiar that I KNOW they'll end up good, and once the skin is done they have character and personality and then it doesn't matter as much that the armour etc also looks crap midway - the fig still looks overall decent with the skin/face finished.