Tuesday, April 25, 2017

KOW - Crossing the Rubicon

There's always a point of no return. It's coming up to two years since I started playing Kings of War but now it's time to cross my Rubicon.

"Mmmm.....that appears to be a one way highway"

Up until now I have always baulked at multibasing my GW Skaven army as Ratkin. However over the weekend I was having a Whats App discussion with a gaming mate who doesn't play Kings of War. He told me that rather than play The Ninth Age at an upcoming event he was travelling to, he was going to play Age of Sigmar. 

That coloured my thinking about the relative longevity probabilities of various games and I realised that I had no real reason not to multibase my rats. 

My interest in Fantasy games is very much geared towards the ranks and flanks mechanic. This is based on the Historical Ancient/Medieval wargaming model and is where I have my grounding and interest. Other people like skirmish games but I feel that I am more likely to play that mechanic in a sci-fi setting.

So on Saturday I made an order to Sarissa Precision for enough MDF bases so that I can transfer my rats to multibases. I'm very excited about doing this as I feel that with The Herd I have started to reap the benefits diorama basing can provide.

Sarissa have great service so I am expecting the bases within the next week and then the Vermintide will begin.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your rats on multi-bases, Pete. They'll look great.

  2. How many figures will you be putting on your Troop/Regiment/Horde multi-bases? I have seen a lot of variation in numbers on YouTube and Blogs. Is there a range of number of figures which is acceptable? One YouTuber I saw had regiments of cavalry with 6 figures instead of 10, this seemed wrong. Cheers Andrew

    1. I have enough to have the max number. However I will be looking at around 30 per Horde, 15 per regiment to give some space for creativity.

    2. The Mantic KoW FAQ has the "official" Minimum Model Count (MMC) as well as Preferred Model Count in a table for all unit sizes http://www.manticgames.com/SiteData/Root/File/FREE%20RULES/Kings-of-War-Version-1.5-Errata-and-FAQ.pdf

  3. I'm not sure I can "cross the rubicon" just yet. Despite me being fairly sure I want to make KoW my miniature game of choice (and going so far as multubasing some demigryphs as LoR honour guard - a big step toward commitment for me), I just can't shake the feeling that 9th age might really take off one day. In Australia (where I'm based) KoW has (I think) the lions share of the WHFB refugees. But I've noticed that we as a gaming community have that herd mentality when it comes to games - when something takes off - we all get into it. Who knows whether 9th age will one day be the thing everyone plays?

  4. I'm glad to hear that you're crossing the Rubicon and marching on Rome. I look forward to playing rank-and-flank Fantasy games here in Wellington for quite a while to come.

  5. It has been over 2 1/2 years since my last WFB game, and I don't regret one moment moving to KoW exclusively. More than multi-basing (which I LOVE) I have no desire to go back to complicated rules for no more reason than to be complicated, and the meta where games can be won or lost before any models are put on the table.

  6. It's strange, I've had the same thinking, but from squares to rounds.

    Recently painting up my dwarves I realised they looked better on rounds, but was still committed to 8th as well as Sigmar.

    I decided to change based on a few factors. Primarily that if I were to play a rank and flank game; I would do so only casually (so footprint would not be a massive issue), and if required, I could rebase them if I wanted (or just buy a new army.)

    Tldr - base them for the game that you will play competively