Wednesday, June 10, 2015

OMG - It's Worse Than We Thought!

Just when you think things can't get worse....they do!

All this round base nonsense has been a lie.

With the approaching 'Age of Sigmar' the true intentions of GW emerge!

Hex Bases.....and for Kumbaya Elves!

And for the more gullible among you.....obvious troll is obvious.



  1. So we are going to play on hex grids and GW will be releasing gridded battle mats for us to play on. It solves all those line of sight and precise movement problems.
    Are it takes me back to the old SPI games.
    And for your next trick?

    1. I walked, you moved 3 hexes. You're in a light woods and it's short range for my ppc. my gunnery skill is 4, so that's a 7 to hit!

      ah battletech....

  2. I think I need to stick my head in the sand for a month to ride this pre-WHFB rumour month out... too much confusion.

    What's next... hex chariot bases??

  3. I've been enjoying things out in the wargaming fringes, painting by Dredd and Infinity models. Pete what sort of DBMM lists do you think would make good base lists for the warhammer armies. Orcs could be Gauls, elves might be medieval English etc.

  4. Unfortunately this post has been picked up by a site in France. It appears that the "troll" may have lost something in translation 😄