Friday, June 12, 2015

Well....We May Actually Be F@#ked

When you visit the Games Workshop site and click on any Army Book you get.....

This product will be removed from sale on June 26th. The Age of Sigmar is coming!

You get the same on the End Times books.

So it may not be a temporary thing.

Looking forward to the internet rage - cue Dave Witek for instance - when people realise they have dropped $150 on a book that is rendered "obsolete" less than six months later.

Oh, the betrayal.

In all seriousness this is now starting to smell like a major reset rather than "options". Warhammer may be dead.

The Age of Sigmar is coming!

Edit: Brad Schwandt (rhellion) has posted a copy of email to US retailers:

"Games Workshop is launching the Age of Sigmar - a completely new system - Jukly 11th. You can start promoting Age of Sigmar in your store".

I can just see that conversation:

Punter: I play Warhammer

Owner: GW are releasing Age of Sigmar on 11 July

Punter: What's that

Owner: A completely new system

Punter: What are the details

Owner: Don't know



  1. Yep


    Generic elf one = glade guard, dark shard, high elf archer

    Generic elf two = white lion, Phoenix guard, sword master, executioner, black guard, witch elf, wildwood ranger, eternal guard

    Generic elf light cavalry = Reavers, Glade Guard, Dark riders

    Generic elf Heavy cav = Silver helms, Dragon Princes, Wild Riders, Cold One Knights

    Generic elf monster = hydra, Phoenix, Treeman

    Generic elf artillery......etc

    Hey.....but all models are still useable!

  2. More from the Store Owner email:

    "The Age of Sigmar is a brand new system that continues the End Times story.

    This system is a great way for new customers to start collecting fantasy miniatures.

    Existing customers will be able to use their current miniature collections and add to them with the Age of Sigmar."

    Yay....I've still got the opportunity to collect GW miniatures. I was worried.

  3. The fact the end times books are becoming defunct is strange. Ive got a big draw full of beastmen still in their boxes waiting for 9th, so hopefully we come out the other side of this with something of value. Otherwise i guess xwing, boltaction, 40k, wmh are going to see some fresh recruits.

  4. Maybe the Sitzkreig of the last few months was deliberate. It's sucked all of the motivation out of a lot of us, but that lack of emotion will probably reduce the RAAAGE!!! that this news brings.

    I mean, if this had dropped straight after ET Archeon, I'd have been very unhappy and bloody furious. Now, after months of ennui, I'm more "I hope it's good. If it's not, Kings of War is actually an OK game, I'm going to play that".

    This is GW, so anything clever they do may be entirely accidental. But the detachment across the community is such I think a number of those who might have otherwise ventspleened across the internet is probably reduced.

    Sucks for anyone who dropped hundreds of dollars on those End Times books. I hope you get some more use out of them.

    1. Tane,

      Not wanting to be rude but how many KoW games have you played.

      You say it's a good game but is that from actual gameplay experience or from perudal of the rules.

      Genuinely interested to know.



    2. I refuse to play a game that does not have a "flee" reaction to charges....

    3. Standing and fighting is a mugs game

  5. My Kwon is under serious threat here... if Pete is starting to lose his optimism then things must be bad

  6. You know what would be nice, having a vague idea what to expect with the hordes of current models. Come on GW.

    I noticed they are still selling the end times models without the disclaimer.

  7. Pete,

    I've played two games so far, 2,000 points, about 3,000 in Warhammer terms.

    KOW is.....OK. It does have some issues with it;

    1. As Jeff said, no fleeing. I don't have a problem with heavy infantry and cavalry not being able to, but light cav and skirmishers should. It just feels wrong that light foot will just stand there and die as the phalanx rolls into them.

    2. No panic. I think units should be affected by the destruction of those around them, and potentially run away.

    3. When attacked by the enemy in close combat, troops don't hit back. In fact, in your opponent's turn, you don't get to roll a dice at all.

    Other than that, it's a good game. The internal and external balance is much better than in Warhammer. The rules are simple, but not simplistic, and it flows fast and well. Positioning and movement is still king. Magic is much weaker than in 8th Ed, but it is still useful and has a real effect. I miss random charges, I love that dynamic rather than just doubling movement.

    I think it's worth a go. I'm not sure that it's as good as 8th, but it might be better than 9th, and it will at least be supported. Plus the model count is about 50%+ greater than Warhammer, so it's a lot more visually impressive.

    Also, Mantic being the clever clogs that they are, are releasing free army lists for all of the WHFB armies, so you can port your Skaven, Empire, Lizards etc, across into the game. With free online rules, there is no need to buy before you try.