Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Historical Footsteps

On the weekend I had a game of DBMM - Ancient Historical. I've played a lot of historicals in the past but not much in the past 10-12 years.

Over the past month I've painted up some new elements for my Patrician Roman (410-480AD) army and enjoyed the change from high Fantasy. The new elements were because there had been changes in the army lists since I last played. Luckily I had some unpainted models downstairs.

My battle was against New Kingdom Eygptians so not historical. They are made up of a mix of heavy foot, chariots, poor bow and Sea Peoples' warband. My army is composed of Palatina (pictured above), heavy foot Legionarii, lots of horse archers - Romans and Hunnic - and heavy cavalry - Goths and Clibanarii.

In the end, after some initial setbacks, I was able to make my superior mobility tell. My Goths supported by Palatina broke his centre and while I lost all my Clibanarii to his heavy foot, I was able to redeploy my horse archers who enveloped them when they pursued my withdrawn right flank.

The game was a lot of fun and whetted my appetite for more games. I need to learn the rules more as they have changed considerably since I last played. Nice to use the old army again. I'm lucky in that I have three fully painted forces that are all different. The Romans are combined arms while my Mongols are all mounted and Vikings all foot.

Certainly can see me getting a few more games in over the coming months.



  1. Nice to see you giving it a go Peter. I play 4th/5th edition warhammer, but have a big Burgundian army (largely Perry plastics) waiting to be based and painted for DBMM.

    1. Ancient Wargaming was my first love. I have about 12-13 15mm armies and the three 28mm armies.

      As I work through my lead and plastic mountain I can see me eventually buying a couple more 28mm armies - I'd like Ottomans and Chin both of which I have in 15mm