Thursday, July 30, 2015

Interesting Insight from GW Financials

GW has just published its Annual report for the Financial Year ending May 2015

Earnings per Share: 38 pence

Dividend per Share: 52 pence

Putting aside the fact that they are paying out more than they earned, GW has obviously decided that cash is better in the hands of investors rather than re-invested back in the company. That's an interesting insight into how they few their long term prospects.


  1. So - do you advise I buy my shares now?
    Michael Hill International only pay out about 6c per share.

    1. Well GW shares have a fantastic dividend yield.....around 10% when interest rates are 1%

  2. Revenue down 4% (119.1m from 123.25m in 2014), however... profit up 34% (16.5m from 12.3m). Seems odd as first but... costs down 6% (67.2m from 71.4m).

    Only so much cost cutting can be done before you need to lift in-comings to keep growth. It is more concerning when they are paying out dividends above eps and adding comments like this (referencing a specific IT project)

    "As a result our capital investment is likely to be higher over the next few years. The total cost of this project, including internal resources, is estimated to be £6.4 million. "

    As this ends May 2015 no impact of Age of Sigmar is yet showing. Which was released to "broad acclaim".

    Finally... an interesting/ominous note for those still loving 40k as is.

    "Secondly, I will review our product range. We believe this is long overdue: it is time for a resetting of the ranges. Not tweaking here and there but a top down reassessment"

    Neil.... how did you get shares without buying them previously???

    1. Buy having a good command of da Queen's Inglish lol

    2. It's lucky inflection and emphasis is so clear on da interwebz :)

      If we get enough shares do you think we can reverse Age of Sigmar... put it in the corner with Storm of Magic like a repressed memory?

    3. Good plan. Let's buy the company and then run it proper.
      Just one thing - could you lend me a few dollars so I can buy my share?

    4. I'll lend you a few drachma... I hear they are coming back in fashion?