Thursday, July 9, 2015

Call to Arms WHFB

So there has been some talk in the local community about continuing to play WHFB. Well here is an opportunity for any who would like to do so.

Call to Arms the Warlords Annual Convention is being held on the weekend of 15/16 August in Kilbirnie, Wellington. The event is being umpired by Robert Higgins and you can get details at

I've signed up for it after initially thinking I'd put on some multiplayer games. It would be great to see a strong turnout for the event. If you are quick I think you can still get in at the earlybird rate.

Hopefully it will be well supported.


  1. Just signed up - see you there!

  2. So I know we have:

    Ryan Lister
    Alan Hughes
    Greg Greenfield
    Sam Whitt
    Pete Dunn

  3. I am in, i signed up as soon as the player pack went live