Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Warhammer v8.5?

Reading through the Ninth Age thread on The Warhammer Forum it seems contributors/posters fall into four camps:
  • Those that want 8th Edition updated to address known issues in existing rules - things like Pred Fighter, Swift Reforms etc
  • Those that want ETC mechanisms incorporated into the rules
  • Those that want a new edition with new rules, mechanisms - effectively a rewrite
  • Those that are either wish listing their army books or have an axe to grind against a race or unit
I'm not sure that the writers will be able to please everybody. In fact I know that they won't! My expectation is that their efforts will coalesce around the third of these options - an updated version of the Warhammer game.

Long term I think this will be good but I suspect getting there will be a long tortuous journey which probably requires more work than the authors envisage.

In the interim I'm keen to see whether any of the other of supposedly multitude of Warhammer initiatives beavering away out there is aimed at a more modest outcome? I'm especially interested to see whether any of them more address the first objective listed above - a minimal update of 8th to address known issues. I expect this is in essence a comprehensive FAQ.

If anyone is aware of such a document can they please tag it into the comments section. Before I start trying to collate one myself I'd prefer to draw on an existing resource.

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  1. I responded on WAU as well but for others, I added a page here tracking a few out there