Tuesday, July 7, 2015

40k - Iron Warriors

Over the weekend pictures emerged of the latest Forgeworld Horus Heresy - Perturabo of the Iron Warriors Legion.

I love the sculpt as I think it captures the essence of the Siegemaster.

Downstairs I have a ten year old project. I was building an Iron Warriors army for 40k before Gav Thorpe released his bastard child destroying that "dream". I painted up the rhinos for it about 18 months ago and I also painted a squad of marines. They are mostly metal made from the Legion specific bits for Iron Hands and Iron Warriors.

This model inspires me to perhaps put the project back on the table as a slow burn. Especially if some of the locals are going to get into 40k as a game.

"Iron Within, Iron Without"



  1. I find it amazing that GW can market a section of back-story in one game to produce a whole new revenue line (which is great, btw) but would rather completely wipe the back-story in their other main game.