Monday, July 13, 2015

Hobby Update

While Panzershreck was going on in Palmerston, I had a very productive hobby weekend.

On Saturday morning, Ryan and I had a game - Dawn Attack - which was characterised by mis-behaving war machines and low winds of magic rolls. In the end Ryan beat me by 215 points in a very tight encounter - both of us struggling to inflict meaningful damage in later turns.

Later that day I finished painting my Stormfiends and the three Tomb Kings' characters I had on my desk. These were all based and magnetised on Sunday morning and have move to the "finished" pile. I'll get some photos up in the next 24 hours.

Sunday evening I started painting my Empire Steam Tank. The army is from Averland and was originally painted by GW Australia manager Troy Forster and then Gav Clarke. I'm adding a Steam Tank, Hurricanium and Luminarch while also expanding the Great Swords. I then have a unit of thirty Sisters of Sigmar to add. Local painter Sam Whitt has just finished six Demigryphs for it.


  1. What are you fielding the sisters as - Free Company?

    1. Probably use them as a Halberd unit or as Flagellants