Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Hobby Update

Much hobby over the weekend.

I assembled my Luminarch and Hurricanium into the various sub-assemblies and primed them. Using my airbrush I base-coloured the main colour for each of the sub-assemblies. From there I have painted up the main chasis for each and tonight will work on stairs before moving to the cabins (where a lot of the work is). The Luminarch has had all its metal done and the Hurricanium the first metallic coat. I’m guessing that they will take the next two weeks to finish.

While on the Empire “bend”, I based the six Demigryphs I had painted and have textured the bases. Tonight I’ll start painting the bases up.

Unfortunately I haven’t got my lightbox out yet to take photos of the stuff I’ve finished (silly Civilization) but will endeavour to do so this week.

Signed up for another 8th Ed tournament – Crack’s Call in Masterton at the end of September.

1 comment:

  1. Yahooo!! This is going to be one Epic Cracks Call.

    It's there for your own eyes folks, Pete Dunn will be in Masterton for Cracks Call.

    As an aside, as a representative of the Manawatu Dwarven Hold, I will be bringing beer for the event as per the players pack (Yes, Neil, I did eventually read the Players Pack that says no grudge matches *sniff*).

    Think beer crates, probably two, since we are capped at 24 players.

    Diggy, diggy, hole.

    Adam Richards