Monday, August 3, 2015

Fields of Blood Warhammer v8.1 House Rules

Over the past week - and with the realisation that in GW's eyes at least, Warhammer Fantasy Battle is dead - I put together a set of house rules to address some of the outstanding issues in 8th Ed. this was then circulated to a few people for comment and feedback.

You can see the completed document here

The intention with this document was not to rewrite Warhammer Fantasy Battle or to create a new version of v8. It was to address glaring issues in the rules where an FAQ had never been made. There is one indulgence. The building rules have been modified slightly to give buildings a capacity and to allow the attacking unit to continue the fight.

Up to you as to whether you use them or not. They may form the basis of your own pack or just give you ideas.

Thanks to those that provided input.

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