Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Warhammer World Release First Event Pack for AoS

For your reading pleasure (bolding is mine):

 Sigmar be with you! WH_The Empire_1280

It’s the Events Team here bringing you some hot-off-the-press news about our Age of Sigmar Campaign Weekend – The Battle for the Realmgates. Not got your ticket yet? Better get one fast from here.

Today we are talking about the Mortal Realms.

Over the weekend you will playing games on seven out of the eight Mortal Realms. The ones we won’t be playing in are the Celestial Realm as there is currently no fighting going there, and of course the Realm of Chaos is off-limits, as we wouldn’t want any of your models to turn into spawn while you are here.

So this leaves the rest of the Mortal Realms to fight over. We will have tables and scenery to represent every different Mortal Realms and not only that, there will be special rules that govern the kind of environment you might be fighting in.

That’s right – Realm of Fire tables, Realm of Metal and so on. It’s going to be a sight to see.

In order to benefit from the power of the Realm you are fighting in, your Faction needs to control it completely from game to game. So if Order have control of the Realm of Fire, then that benefit is made available to you. You gain control of a Realm if your Faction wins the most games there in the previous round. To begin with, the Realms are divided up evenly.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the Realms and their effects on your troops should your Faction win enough games there:

Ghyran, the Realm of Life: Wood Elves Artwork

In all the battles, in all the infinite Realms, one thing is always true – life will find a way.

Once per turn you may restore a lost wound to a model if it has the colour green somewhere on it, or if you are carrying a (real!) flower.

Shyish, the Realm of Death:

The power of Nagash imbues every relic of death in this realm, driving them forward with relentless energy.

Every model in your army with a skull or dead body on it may charge an extra 1”.

Ghur, the Realm of Beasts:

Primal fury courses through those who can tap into the merciless energy of the magic of Beasts.

If you own a pet and have a photograph of it (or any animal), once per game choose one unit; it may add +1 to it’s to Wound rolls this turn as they are overcome with feral anger.

That’s all for now but keep your eye out, as on Wednesday we reveal the remaining Mortal Realms and their powerful effects! If all these extra details are getting you excited, then you can get your ticket for this great weekend here.

See you soon,

The Warhammer World Events Team


Looks like they addressed the balance issue!


  1. F*ck me sideways...literally burst into load peals of laughter upon reading this!

  2. Its the return of the Munchkin rules! I can see the event now, people riding imaginary horses, talking to models and arguing if that colour really is green

    1. Damn your eyes, Sir! It's clearly turquoise!

    2. Its clearly blue green, i know its not 100% green but some of it is and that counts right? The rule didn't say that it had to be 100% green.......

  3. I just figured out they want to turn us all in to larpers

  4. Seriously? I've been dissappointed mostly by AoS, but this is just insulting.

    Couldn't be more obvious about wanting the playerbase who have stuck with GW for decades to bugger off and die and let kiddies run amok. I'm all for kids getting into tabletop games, but this is embarrassing.

  5. If I kill somebody while on the Death table, do I auto win?

    1. Yes, in fact you auto win every subsequent AOS tournament.Ever.

    2. Thankfully with the new clip fit models, you'll be allowed to build your forces without hobby knife, whilst incarcerated :D

  6. Anyone actually bought a copy if the box set for this or know someone who has I'm just curious to see if any kiwis are having a crack at it ?