Tuesday, August 18, 2015


As you know I recently posted links to the "Ninth Age", a WHFB update by the Swedish Comp and ETC guys.

While this is looking promising, I have some concerns that this runs the risk of anything designed by committee - i.e. overengineered, cumbersome and overblown. Democracy is great for many things - writing a set of Wargames rules may not be one of them.

Another alternative has emerged - Furionhammer. Furion is a Polish gamer who says what he thinks which at times has seen him fall foul of the ETC "establishment". However he is an original thinker as anyone who has visited his YouTube channel can testify.

He has written his own update which you can find here

It is not as radical as the Ninth Age but benefits from a single design philosophy.

Will it get accepted by the ETC. glitterati? No way in hell. I think the Danes would rather see a glacier in Hades than accept anything from Furion.

However I'm keen to try it, particularly if the Ninth Age starts to stall.


  1. Just had a quick look at he O&G book. My CTA army comes in at 2150 points. That's quite a change. Arachnoroks down by 100 points, Gorbad down by 70, trolls up by 5 and goblins down by .5

  2. My word that's "interesting" (read: terrible)
    5.5 point marauder great weapons, all the big stupid unbalanced spells are still big stupid and unbalanced, but with LOS. Seems odd when re-writing a bunch you don't make fire #6 spell mildly ok. For 100 hours of re-write + 100 hours of play test seems a stretch considering the feel of what's done.

  3. That's not so bad a rewrite I only read the spells and items and wood elf parts it's the minor change that a lot of us want a posed to the larger change the 9th age is. I would ask though what does he want a table top to look like same as I would ask the sweds

  4. So we are having a playtest day next Saturday. I'm sure it has rough edges but what I like is that the core mechanics are maintained and the books are adjusted.

    I'm sure that points will be tweaked as it gets tested.

  5. Would going to a standard points generator make the points better?

    GW used to do that in the old days but then for some reason changed the approach to size units on an individual basis. I was never sure why they decided that some troops in some armies would be cheaper that almost the same unit in another book.

    I think you would almost be better doing the rules and points for a type of unit at one go. For example make the rules for knights and then make the points costs for all knights based on those rules.

    With all the technology available it's not like the old days that you need to have simple points increases. You could make much more use of proportional or exponential functions for upgrades.

  6. Why not just play 9th Age? At least it's written by a committee of players and fans of the game and not by some jumped up arrogant dick who has a superiority complex. No wonder ETC won't have anything to do with his ideas. As for 'Original thinker' he just spouts on about what his opponent did wrong with an arrogant undertone and quotes advice form the Art of War. So what. Guys, play 9th Age and watch him abandon this and come crawling to 9th Age for games.