Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Eidolon for Emperor's Children

Forgeworld have released Eidolon for the Emperor's Children. He is the Legion's First Captain and is a nasty piece of work.

I'm considering getting him as I have a small force of Emperor's Children to sit alongside my Death Guard.

If any locals are keen on Forgeworld stuff let me know and we can take advantage of the current free postage offer for orders over GBP100.



  1. I'm looking to get the Gal Vorbak if you want to do a shared order Pete

  2. it's only a small Emperors Children force because you have an entire legion of Death Guard.
    I still remember those noise marine havocs belting out greatest hits of Kylie Mynogue.

    1. Heresy era John

      I have "small" 40k Death Guard and Emperor's Children as well

  3. I must compliment Forgeworld on how fast their service is. Ordered last Friday, here on Wednesday.

    As well as Eidolon (renamed Challis Drant henceforth) and John's Word Bearers, I also bought the four purple Emperor's Children-named paints Forgeworld produce. My intention is to paint a test model this Sunday to see what type of finish they provide.