Monday, August 3, 2015

Hobby Update

Over the weekend - in between talking cat to the vet, coffee machine to the repair shop, stripping paint from windowsills and repairing curtain rod holes - I managed to get some hobby in.

I've been working on my Luminarch for my Averland Empire army and last night finished the wagon. Work has begun on the "Death Laser" and hopefully over the next two nights I'll get that progressed. Then it is the two horses and crew. The Luminarch has an awful lot of detail on it and is another example of the great kits GW is making.

Other than that I sent in my list for Call to Arms which is on in a couple of weeks. Seems like there are at least 18 people playing. I have a grudge match versus lead Dwarf cheerleader Adam Richards in the first round.


  1. Which cat Pete and what was wrong?

    1. Nurgle, He was in a fight and won't use his back leg. Xray was shows no bone damage. I think he is just enjoying hopping.