Monday, August 24, 2015

Hobby Update

Over the weekend I continued my hobby "Spring Clean", getting rid of hobby stuff I'm unlikely to use going forward.

On Friday it was excess Tau vehicles, yesterday 40k terrain. All have gone to good homes.

My next painting project - after crew for Luminarch and Hurricanium - is Greatswords and Sisters of Sigmar. I got them out over the weekend in prep.

There are now all on 20mm square bases - special thanks to Higgins who sourced me some at Call to Arms - ready for undercoat. I intend doing the Greatswords in Averland theme to add to the unit I already have. The Sisters will be in bone and red (you can see some in the picture). I'll use them as either halberdiers or flagellants.

This weekend playing some Furionhammer to try out his new army book updates.


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