Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Kickstarters - Update

On Monday my latest Kickstarter arrived - the card game "Exploding Kittens". This delivered on time and the product meets all its specs.

I thought it might be worth looking at the Kickstarters I've backed over the past few years and see where they lie.

Tablescapes - Secret Weapon Miniatures

Originally due to deliver in October 2013, the bulk delivered in October 2014 with last four tiles in May 2015. High quality product with very good communication throughout. Regular updates even when news was bad. Would use again.

Deadzone Scenery - Mantic

Delivered on time in December 2013. Product as described. Good communication and updates. Would use again.

Creature Caster Daemons & Dragons

Meant to deliver in November 2014 but still outstanding. The models - bar one - have all been printed but now need to be produced. Unfortunately the principal, Jeremy Glen, appears unwilling to communicate when that will be. My expectation is that if we see them before Xmas 2015 we'll be lucky. Classic example of a Kickstarter that was too successful and the promoter did not have the resources to meet his timelines. Communication very patchy especially if news is bad. Disappointed in service and would not support future projects.

Custom Game Dice

I paid in USD37 to get 24 full customisable dice (planned to get Skaven Artillery and Scatter Dice). Guy bought laser, dice and paints and then nothing. The promised website never eventuated. It was meant to deliver in October 2014 but around that times things went "back". Since then we have had three updates saying he's ill, has to move, had a baby, dog ate my homework. The accountant says I should write that $37 off.

Games & Gears Pro Line Brush

Brush set and accessories that delivered on time in September 2014. I would support future Kickstarter.

Darklands Monstrous Mounts - Mierce

Due to deliver in February 2015, this KS has partially delivered. I still have one model outstanding where sculpting hasn't started. In future I'd be unlikely to support a KS and instead wait to order when posted in webstore. Do keep you informed with weekly updates.

Foldio - Orange Mongkie

Delivered on time in February 2014. Definitely would support future KS.

Exploding Kittens

Despite being the most successful KS ever in terms of money raised, this card game delivered on time with on-spec product and added extras. Definitely would support future KS (not that they need it). Great communication throughout.

Miniature Scenery Terrain

This Canadian company launched their KS in February 2015 and are due for delivery in August 2015. I received an email this week saying that it had shipped. Waiting to see the product but so far these guys have been the poster boys for how to do a successful KS. definitely will support future ventures.

So all but three have shipped. I'm sure Mierce will and I'm 90% sure on Creature Caster. I'm reconciled to the fact that John Warren from Custom Game Dice has pocketed my money and I won't get any dice.

The key thing with Kickstarter is to do your homework and make sure if a company is untested that you only risk a small amount of cash. Delays are commonplace but generally they occur because the promoter lacks the skills or because the Kickstarter is too successful and original delivery gets swamped by Stretch Goals. I'm now always mindful of any extra new product that needs to be delivered over original offering.

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  1. Have only backed 2 projects on KS myself. Got my Exploding Kittens this week as well, and have backed the latest Bones KS. With the success of the previous two bones I have good faith in the delivery of this KS though.

    Not super sold on KS as a whole, but every now and again I might back a project. Main things I would look out for is guarantees and