Sunday, August 23, 2015

Death Guard 40k SOLD - Mostly Forgeworld

Digging through the Dunn-geon I found some Death Guard models I never used. Now I have three painted Death Guard armies - two 40k and one 30k - so it is unlikely they will ever see the table.
There are the following:
  • Typhus - metal, partly painted
  • 7 Plague Terminators (Forgeworld, resin and plastic)
  • 13 Plague Marines (Forgeworld, resin and plastic)
  • 7 Plague Marines (GW, metal and plastic)
  • Nurgle Sorceror (Forgeworld, resin)
  • Nurgle Vindicator (GW, heavily converted)
All the models are primed black, base coated green and washed ready for painting.

The three Plague Marine Squads all have banners, champions (incl Sorceror) and special weapons - 4 melta, two plasma.

The terminators have mix of fit outs including chainfist, lightning claws, combi melta and auto cannon.

All up the cost not including post (FW 15%) is NZD 580.
All yours for $350
Lots of pics over page


  1. Hi Pete,

    Whats the best way to get in contact with you about picking this up?

    Jordan Green.