Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gaming Economics

It's really interesting how things change. I've made no secret of the fact that I'll typically spend at least $2000-3000 per year on new product. Typically GW has got 75-80% of that in the past.
This year has been really different. Not only have I noticed a much healthier bank account - my main purchases were a set of weathering powders, airbrush paints and glass painting desks (from Trademe) - but I also opened a bank account to track my spend.
As of the day the bank account has a positive balance of $1700. This means that net of purchases (product and painting service) the sales of existing product have created this surplus. I've sold off stuff either a events or via eBay/Trademe (or in some cases this blog). Generally this has been driven by a combination of space considerations and because I had stuff I was never going to use and would rather see it going to a good home.
So out the door has gone Deadzone terrain, 15mm buildings, a Realm of Battle board, 40k terrain and this week an Iyanden army. In addition, odd models and stuff I'll never paint. It's freeing up space and providing new hobby funds.
I've still got stuff to go including a lot of nice, functional and table ready 40k buildings. I've also got some spare tabletops and base cloths if anyone needs them. Model wise I have the very nice core of a Thousand Sons army (painted and ready to go), base coated Space Marines and Tau vehicles (Devilfish and Hammerheads). I've also got a lot of great - painted - 40k scatter terrain, both craters and barriers.
So if you're looking for anything just drop me a line.


I have a lot of 40k Death Guard, under coated. It is largely Forgeworld stuff Plague Marines, Plague Terminators and a Vindicator. I picked it up as part of a army deal a few years ago. Let me know if anyone interested and we can do a deal.

I've also got a couple of Eldar units. These are very well painted (they were part of Alan Borthwick's Biel Tan army). They comprise a Wave Serpent and a unit of Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent and Fire Dragons. Again let me know if any interest and we can do a deal.


  1. Hi Pete,
    Can you drop me some photos of the Thousand Sons army?

  2. Hi Pete

    I would be interested in picking up some of the 40k buildings and terrain


    1. The easiest is for you to wander around one weekend and see if what I have is of interest.

  3. Replies
    1. Death Guard
      Thousand Sons
      Space Marines
      Tau FW Tetras and a Hammerhead
      Lots of scatter terrain
      Cloths and tabletops