Monday, August 3, 2015

Review - GW Retributor Armour

One of the hardest colours to paint is gold. This is because the coverage is usually very patchy and requires multiple coats over a black primer.

Well I've finally found a paint that gives great coverage in a single coat - Retributor Armour.

This is a GW base colour and was released as part of the Age of Sigmar release. It costs more than the normal GW paints - NZ$10, GBP3.50 - but my experience is that it is well worth it.

The paint provides a rich colour as well as coverage and can be easily shaded with a sepia wash.

I'm using it on my Luminarch and finding it really good.


  1. If only it were possible to order the spray version from the GW NZ webstore...

  2. Good to know, always a tough colour to get right without multi-coat combos.