Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Tomb Kings Pictures

In the last day or two, the first pics of the new Tomb Kings models made their way to the internet. There's a whole bunch of new plastic kits coming out:

The models certainly look new and shiny, but I'm not sold on some of them, especially the snake-surfing skeletons. The Tomb Guard on the other hand look amazing. I can't wait to see all of them in the flesh though.

It's a shame that the rumours were true, and none of the old plastics are being updated. I'm not sure how well the new range will mesh with the old.

It also looks as though GW is continuing in its current trend of giving every army a big plastic monster (or in this case two!). It will be interesting to look at the state of the game in 6 or 12 months to see if this design concept has had any effect on how the game and metagame evolve.


  1. Book is hardback!

    Knights and Stalkers from same box!

  2. The last linked image looks so fricken hot, and looks just like some of the monsters in like, ff13 or something - so awesome :D

    Seriously...straight in the wankbank.

  3. What new monster or huge warmachine are Dwarfs going to get then? The 10 Organ Gun Zepplin in the rulebook would be nice.

  4. Yeah, +1 on the ff13 referencing.

  5. I want to be the first to say

    "Get thos Mo-Fo Snakes off my Mo-Fo Plain"

  6. "I can't wait to see all of them in the flesh though." That might be a bit difficult :-).
    Thansk for sharing the pictures - especially the last colossus looks amazing. Plastic? Might just buy one to paint up!