Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Runefang This Weekend

The Runefang Campaign is on this weekend and there are seven teams of three fighting a Mighty Empires campaign over 5 rounds.

Real mix of combatants – 2x Orc & Goblin teams, Dwarf, Skaven, High Elves, Chaos teams and the Realm of Man (made up of Empire, Brets and wood Elves).

To encourage some diversity from normal 2000 point lists there were a number of extra composition constraints, notably:

• 30% Core
• 20% Rare
• No double Rare or Specials

The lists are all in and are generally much weaker than you’d normally see at 2000 points. However there is a Warriors army with 60 and 40 Khorne-marked great weapon Marauders to keep people on their toes and I do think the O&G armies look strong.
In fact there will be a lot of interest to see how the O&G go this weekend given there are 6 on show and it’s the first local event to use the new rules.

I’m taking Skaven (no surprises) but my list has no shooting other than the Censer on the Furnace. Made up of three blocks of Slaves, three of Clan Rats (including Bell), one of Plague Monks (including Furnace) and the Hell Pit Abomination. The lack of warmachines, doomrocket and gutter runners to annoy, harass and deplete is a real concern.

Definitely will get some photos so watch out on Monday for the aftermath.


  1. Dear God, I hope I don't have to face Tim's blocks of Khorne Marauders and Tzeentch Warriors again..... He's already brutalised me once with that list, and I'm buggered if I can work out how to deal with it.

    Really looking forward to the tournament though. Go Team Stunty!

  2. Going to be a great event - big blocks of Marauders makes me wish I had Dwarfs and a Grudgethrower, Organ Gun rather than my High Elves....

  3. any chance you can email everyone a copy of all the army lists assuming we are going open list as usual of course

  4. Gutted I couldn't get down... the joys of shifting house the week before easter!

    Would definitely like to see the O & G lists though