Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Isle of Mir Avinu

Recently we had the Runefang IV Campaign Weekend that used the Mighty Empires system to generate the battles fought. This saw eight teams battle over the map board I created over a series of five games.

I am running a similar event at Horned Rat in July but now I have some background against which to run the event. So without further ado, welcome to the Isle of Mir Avinu.

This little known island off the coast of the Old World has been disputed for time immemorial. Originally a High Elf staging post for their new colonies, it was seized by a Dwarven fleet during the War of the Beard. However the last few millennia have seen it strangely abandoned until rumours circulated that there may be artefacts buried associated with the Old Ones. This inspired raiding parties to converge on the isle and try to gain a jump on the other races.

A period of fighting has occurred in recent months after the various parties ventured out from their footholds on the island. As the seasons move into winter the known part of Mir Avinu is controlled thus:

Dwarfs = Orange
High Elves = Blue
Empire = Purple
Skaven = Red
Orcs = Green
Chaos = Black

The success of the Orc & Goblin armies over the campaign season can be clearly seen. Two tribes – the Pigstikkas and the Squigchompers – drove a broad swathe through the central territories striking into the heart of lands previously controlled by Man. This push facilitated a southerly migration by the Realm of Men forces where they were blocked by various Skaven infestations.

The two Orc & Goblin Waaghs have now merged into a single “co-ordinated” force and will be looking to keep pushing the Men south. Their major concern appears to be the exposed flank they now have to the Forces of Chaos that are largely marginalised in the southeast corner.

The Skaven spent much of their campaign picking away at the scab which represents the Realm of Man. Very early they had decided their major tool was one of undermining cities and castles and they had much merriment collapsing the structures of the Over-races. Their ultimate strategy is unknown (probably even to them) but there has been talk that vast payments of cured dairy products passed between the Greenskins and the Ratmen.

The other forces of Law and Order appear to have got themselves into a bit of a pickle. The Elves have seen their lands splinter into three separate areas – and history tells us that this sort of sundering is not a good thing. Resources will undoubtedly by directed to linking the three isolated Elven groups as matter of priority.

Finally the Dwarfs. Their lands are now split in two. They hold a sizeable stronghold in the northern mountains but also lands in the south far from the hills. Couriers have been intercepted that indicate that some kind of financial transaction between the Dwarfs and the Realm of Men may occur whereby southern lands will be swapped for gold. This would certainly help finance a Dwarven effort to rid the mountains of Greenskins.

So that is the backdrop against which the second campaign season will occur. Surely all kinds of arcane alliances will manifest themselves over the course of the weekend.


  1. Unsuprisingly we Elves already decided who was having control of each splintered Elven territory. However it seems I'm the one bordering the chaos lands... damn have I still got that dragon? Awesome to see the map and looking forward to the continuation

  2. Good thing the Realm of Man has plenty of Peasants stupid enough to be willing to march to battle with Halberd in hand ready to not get wiped off the map round 1.

  3. Looking forward to Horned Rat when is the players pack coming out Pete and have you decided on a points limit for the armies?

  4. Pack out this weekend. Hopefully also get the K8P done as well.

    I'm going to go with 2000 points with ability to buy up to 300 pts more in 100pt chunks. Each army brings up to 100 pts of Core, up to 100 pts Special and up to 100 pts Rare. One unit only in each tranche

  5. tournament fee paid.... check
    cheap flights booked and paid (paying full price for a 2 yr old, what a cheek).... check
    parents primed to look after two young kids for the weekend... check
    partner stoked with prospect of no partner or kids for weekend.. check

    now all I have to do is figure out how to deal with the expected 'I don't want to be alone for the whole weekend' comment, especially after Nicon weekend in June and Apocalypse day in RotoVegas on the 14th!

    let alone make and paint 30 Savage orcs by the end of the month...